FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag
FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag

Maximize Your Travel Comfort

FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag

11,860+ Happy Customers

Hate those cold flights? Have back pain while sitting for a long time? Need a travel bag for your sleep essentials? Say no more. Finally, maximize your travel comfort!

Enjoy a premium cozy blanket.

Relieve your lower back pain.

Have space for your sleeping gear.

Lightweight and easy to carry.

60 Day money back guarantee.

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"Travel in comfort and style..."

Flyhugz neck pillow travel.jpeg__PID:0257dc0f-8cec-4e93-bfee-73c98299cabd

"The blanket is incredibly soft and cozy. The multiple storage compartments were a lifesaver, keeping my essentials in one place. It's easy to carry, and using the bag for lumbar back support significantly reduced my back pain during long times of sitting."
Sophia D. Verified Buyer


Rated 4.8/5 by 17,640 Customers

Rated 4.8/5 by 11,860 happy customers.

Rated 4.8/5 by 11,860+ Reviews

Maximize your travel comfort and avoid discomfort and travel fatigue.

Long flights, car rides, and bus journeys can leave you feeling cold and disorganized. Traditional travel accessories often fail to provide the comfort and storage you need, and long sitting times are causing back pain.

The FlyHugz™ Blanket & Comfort Bag offers a premium, incredibly soft blanket that keeps you warm and cozy. Designed for convenience, this bag is easy to carry and features two storage compartments, perfect for your passport, essentials, and all your sleeping accessories.

Additionally, the bag can be used for lumbar support, providing relief from back pain during long periods of sitting, making your travel stress-free, organized, and comfortable.

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Experience stress free travels and have the best comfort anytime anywhere.

After months of research and dedication, we proudly introduce FlyHugz™. It's the perfect travel companion that offers a unique combination of a premium, soft blanket, and practical storage solutions and back support.

Many customers reported they have experienced warmth, comfort and back pain relief during their journey.

Approved and recommended by travelers.

Stay warm, organized, and stress-free on every trip.

Provides a cozy, warm blanket and great storage.

Brings lower back support while sitting.

Ensures restful sleep during flights, car rides, and long journeys.

Travel smarter and more comfortably.

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Comfort like never before. 💕

Be ready anytime, whether you’re on a flight, car ride, or more. Providing a cozy blanket and space for all your sleeping accessories and essentials, ensuring the best travel experience.


Personalized Comfort

The premium, soft blanket provides cozy warmth and comes in a size that fits all people. Also, it's lightweight and easy to carry.


Wake Up Refreshed

Enjoy restful sleep during flights, car rides, and long journeys, arriving energized and ready for your adventures.

FLYHUGZ NECK PILLOW.jpeg__PID:abe90257-dc0f-4cec-be93-7fee73c98299

Stay Organized

With two storage compartments, you can easily keep all your travel essentials and sleeping accessories in one convenient place.


Lower Back Support

Placing the bag on your lower back. Helping to alleviate lower back pain and discomfort during long periods of sitting.

Maximize your comfort with 3 easy steps! 🌟

1) Attach & Carry: Secure the bag to your carry bag with our gripper or place it on your luggage handles for easy transport.

2) Unzip & Unfold: Open the zipper to reveal the premium, soft blanket. Unfold it to enjoy cozy warmth during your journey.

If you have lower back pain, you can put the bag on your lower back and it will relief back pain during sitting.

3) Store Your Essentials: Utilize the two storage compartments to keep your passport, eye mask, pillow, earplugs, and other essentials organized and within reach.

Travel confidently, knowing you have everything you need for a comfortable and stress-free journey!

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After conducting numerous tests, we discovered:


of travelers reported improved comfort and warmth during flights or long journeys.


of users experienced zero discomfort or hassle thanks to the convenient storage compartments and easy to carry design.


of participants said the Bag was an excellent solution for their lower back pain, as using it during long travels significantly reduced their discomfort while sitting.

"Travel in comfort, stay organized, and arrive refreshed. FlyHugz™ – Your perfect companion for every journey and adventure."

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What our customers are saying...

Rated 4.8/5 by 11,860 customers (7).jpg__PID:72163a5c-9630-48c9-9d85-a473eb33e830

"After many times of dealing with uncomfortable, stinky blankets on flights that sometimes even had bugs, I was willing to try anything. I'm so glad I did! The premium, soft blanket provided incredible warmth and cleanliness. I felt more relaxed and cozy and even used it on the car and train rides. It's worth every penny and truly changed my travel experience." @Emily R. (9).jpg__PID:e830b8eb-d3d4-464a-bfce-f786dacfa840

"Long sitting times always hurt my lower back, but then I saw this travel bag and blanket from FlyHugz. I used the bag for lower back support while having the blanket in front. I had my sleep accessories, like an eye mask and earplugs, in the bag so I used them as well. It was a 10/10 experience, my lower back felt amazing, and I slept really well throughout the flight." @Liam T. (6).jpg__PID:43e57233-7a98-4bda-b626-75310d9c1b35

"I was struggling with staying comfortable and organized during flights for years. I decided to give FlyHugz a try since it came with a 60 day money back. Within the first trip, I noticed a significant improvement. The blanket and bag, with all my sleeping accessories like a mask and earplugs, made every travel amazing. I could pull them out anytime and enjoy a peaceful sleep. I bring it to any trip now." @James S.

What sets FlyHugz™ apart from the competition?

Discover why you should choose our ultimate travel companion over others.



Premium Cozy Blanket

Lower Back Support

Efficient Organization

Fit All Sizes

Easy To Carry

Washable & Reusable

60 Days Money Back

Frequently Asked Questions...

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Experience FlyHugz™ comfort risk-free with our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. Stay connected with real-time tracking updates. Elevate your travels!

Make a move.

It's time to embrace effortless comfort with FlyHugz™.

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Upgrade your travel game and enjoy perfect relaxation.

Experience unmatched comfort and support on your travels with FlyHugz™.

We guarantee the coziest trip with all your essentials and sleeping gear within reach so you can enjoy exceptional sleep wherever your adventures take you.

It's time to grab yours, with FREE Shipping Today!

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60 Day Money Back

No questions asked, give FlyHugz™ a try risk free! And enjoy comfort and sleep like never before.

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The #1 Travel Solution


See why we've sold over 100,000 FlyHugz™ Pillows!


Sooo convenient!

"FlyHugz is so goodddd. Just the feeling of a warm hug while traveling made me buy it! And I am so happy I did I enjoyed it everywhere from the plane to the bus. This really helped me to find time to relax during any transportation."

- Jessica H. Melbourne (2).png__PID:19f0d46c-d377-44be-8fab-4a3373e6a166 (3).png__PID:d46cd377-94be-4fab-8a33-73e6a16634f1

A relaxing comfort

"Finally a pillow that can support the neck like it should! My mom suffered from a serious neck pain during her travels before and avoid traveling again... But this really helped me to convice her, it helped to support her neck and reached the hotel with no pain + We rested so much we just went shopping haha."

- Amanda D. New York (4).png__PID:ee9d6642-8d0d-461d-bd88-464ef29a88cc (5).png__PID:66428d0d-e61d-4d88-864e-f29a88cc3861

Cute & Compact!

"Exceeded my expectations! At first I was like "Why should I get it" but because they are offering 60 day money back I said I will just go for it, and wow I just loved it! Its so comfort and beautiful and actually really useful, I might get another one soon, highly recommend!"

- Juliet M. Sydney (7).png__PID:44f88371-00a6-4f07-b67e-4d68d72912ae (6).png__PID:7b5f44f8-8371-40a6-9f07-b67e4d68d729

Solved my neck pain quickly!

"My girlfriend bought me this travel pillow as she knew I suffer from neck pain during traveling, and it's insane I slept so fast with it on the plane and arrived to my vacation ready with no pain. I definitely recommend it to anyone I see struggling haha."

- Adam M. New York

flyhugz neck pillow (1).jpg__PID:fa57bddb-a653-4a5b-b837-44c75d4563c5

I can sleep anywhere

"I just love it! I can sleep anywhere now, it's really comfortable, and it's so easy to use. The pillow is very good for traveling as it's very compact and fits any bag, also the breathable fabric of it keeps me cool and warm at the same time!"

- Emily C. Sydney (1).png__PID:e48916fd-f61e-4d38-9d75-a98c22815d8d (1).png__PID:2b2b3677-fce0-482b-993d-039b42e71cfa

He loved it so much

"My father was impressed! He loved it so much that he kept wearing it even after we landed, he found it really helpful for him even when he is working, now he took my pillow so going to buy another one for me!"

- James G. San Francisco (2).png__PID:6c7666d6-9098-4869-b630-0a8d1d4b8001

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If for any reason you need to send them back, we’ve got you covered.

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60 Day money back guarantee

Over 18,640 happy customers